REVIEWS: Here are reviews from actual clients for your reference; These references were copied from yelp.com or facebook.com

My father has been at Elite Elder Care for several years. When he first arrived he was a bit troublesome and uncooperative. He suffers from dementia. Daniela is a saint. She worked with my father and through her excellent care and understanding of the many issues that can occur with old age my father is now comfortable and provided the care that he requires. It is a loving and caring environment. Daniela truly cares for her residents and their families. My sister and I visit frequently and the residence is always clean. She also works to ensure the residents have the best medical support that is available to them. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniela and Elite Elder Care to any family that needs this type of service. I also want to mention that Daniela is very conscientious when hiring her staff. They have always seemed to be caring and well trained. (Sandy D., San Jose, CA)

My grandma is a resident at Elite Elder Care and has been there for almost three years now. My children (ages 3 and 1) and I have had the opportunity to visit her there a couple of times. Each time we visit we are greeted and welcomed by the friendly staff.  It is always immaculate, so much so, that I even feel comfortable letting my kids play on the floor! They go out of their way to make sure that we have a special visit with my grandma even offering us all cookies and letting my kids play with the balls/toys and introducing us to the facility's pets. The owner, Daniela, is one of the sweetest, most genuine people and truly cares about my grandma.  My mom frequently forwards me lovely email updates and pictures of my grandma from Daniela.  Daniela often takes my grandma on outings and "field trips" which makes my grandma's day. Daniela goes above and beyond the standard of care and I love knowing that even though I can't see my grandma every day, she's being cared for by one of the best.  I am a harsh critic of health care/elder care settings as I am a Registered Nurse.  Having worked at Stanford Hospital and several convalescent hospitals, I have seen top-notch care and know when I recognize it.  Elite Elder Care is an excellent care facility and I am confident that my grandma (and the other residents) is receiving compassionate and expert care there. (Rachel H., Seattle, WA)
I have to tell you, that this Elder Care Facility Is the BEST Around! My Grandmother stayed here until she passed, for 5 yrs. My family couldn't have been more PLEASED about the GREAT care, which she had. My Grandmother loved it there. The Owner is such a very, very Loving, Caring lady. I knew it when I first met her! I could instantly tell that she had a heart of gold !!! And boy does she. Never once were there any complaints from anyone who lived there nor their families... The owner makes it so, just like home, celebrates all residents Birthdays, goes out of her way to make all residents very HAPPY !!! Like I said, the minute I met the owner, I was so relaxed, in knowing that my Grandmother would be safe and happy. It was a BLESSING! God Bless you! For all the Love and support you gave. You became a family. (Karen C, Folsom, CA) 
My mom has lived at Elite Elder Care for 3 years and I couldn't have chosen a better place for her. I visit several times a week and have always found the home to be an extremely clean, healthy, and safe place both physically and mentally.  I faced a lot of family aggression who were in denial when I made this choice for mom, but they have all come to agree this is a great placement for her. The owner continuously introduces new forms of stimulation and during mom's stay I have seen a bird, dogs, cats, students interacting with elders, visitors who sing, field trips, slot machine fun, exercise equipment, digital photos are constantly added, nutritious meals are prepared 3 times a day, and a loving, nurturing atmosphere in so many ways.  They bring in a dental hygienist, hairdresser, pedicures, flu shot administration, doctors at times, and basically whatever they think may be valuable to any or all residents.  Their goal is to keep residents through hospice and I have personally seen the owner sleep on the floor of people in their last days.  She helped me so much through our stressful transition, took me to classes, and gave me books to read.  I've never known a person like Daniela Berindei who selfishly gives of herself every single day.  She only has room for 6 people at a time and while it may be hard to get a spot, it is well worth the wait. 
(Marsha C. Folsom, CA)

My mom has been at Elite Elder Care for 3 years this coming December.  My brother and I visited several facilities before making a placement decision for Mom.  We immediately knew when we visited EEC and met Daniela that it was the only option that we would accept for Mom.  We were on a waiting list in order for her to get in, but we have never regretted waiting for the right facility. I can not say enough good about Elite Elder Care and Daniela.  Daniela and staff go way beyond what is expected to make things comfortable and nice for the residents.  Whenever I visit Mom, the home is always clean and very well kept.  Daniela and the staff are always very friendly and caring.  Mom always tells me how much she likes everyone there.  She especially likes it when Daniela's kids come to visit.  Mom also enjoys the various activities which include outings, dancing, church services etc.  and even a chance to shoot pool which always brings a smile to Mom's face. Smokey, the resident cat is also a real asset.  To sum it up, Daniela and Elite Elder Care have been such a blessing to our family.  We love our Mom and would never consider having her anywhere else. (Reesa R., Port Townsend, WA)

My mother resides at Elite Elder Care, as I live out of state I have not yet visited there. I call daily and the phone is answered promptly and courteously. My brother lives very close by and visits every day. He has sent many pictures, it looks lovely. (Sherry S., Darby, MT)

My grandma resides there and the owner is amazing. She always goes above and beyond to care for each of the residents. She often buys my grandma flowers and gifts just to show she cares. The help there is sweet, gentle, and caring and I couldn't imagine a more perfect place for people who are unable to live on their own. Thank you for such wonderful care! (Gretel R., Chico, CA)
Elite Elder Care was a wonderful place for my uncle to live when he could no longer be on his own. The atmosphere was kind and respectful, the facility spotless and bright. There were activities and celebrations for him to enjoy and participate in. We never worried that he was being well taken care of and safe.  He was happy and thrived at Elite Elder Care for the 2 years he lived there. Daniela was open and honest and always had my uncle's and our family's best interest at heart. When he started to have health issues, she and her staff took many extra measures to be sure all of his needs were met.  We absolutely could not have been happier with Elite Elder Care! (Beth L. Shingle Springs, CA)
Of the more than half dozen elder care facilities my wife and I visited, Elite Elder Care stood out for all the right reasons: The facility is neat, very clean, and well maintained. The rooms are well-appointed and tastefully decorated and the facility has a very 'homey' family feel to it. The owner, Daniela, and primary care provider, Melody, are both compassionate, experienced professionals who are great with the residents. They provide nutritious home-cooked meals and have regular activities to keep the residents active and engaged and not just sitting in their rooms or in front of a television. Daniela has also been wonderful working with my Mother's physicians to ensure she is receiving the best medical care possible. Placing a loved one in a home can be a very difficult time under the best circumstances. But it can be especially trying when an unreasonable and dishonest family member concerned only with their own selfish interests attempts to sabotage the process. Including calling to encourage their easily influenced Mother with dementia to prepare to be broke out of the place. A month ago my Mother was not happy living in the unhealthy and unsanitary chaos created by her 420 self-medicating daughter and grandson. But now she has been at Elite Elder Care nearly three weeks she looks and feels better than she has in years and much prefers the lifestyle and actual care she receives over the neglect and abuse she experienced while she was under the 'care' of unscrupulous family members. (Jay J. El Dorado Hills, CA)

My husband was living at Elite Elder Care for 21/2 years. He had Alzheimer's and he was treated with such kindness, respect, and always a sweetness, and with such gentleness. It was just an automatic, Daniela is like this with everyone. Bill had such trust and truly felt that this was his home. The atmosphere is spotless, and the rooms comfortable including a few personal things that she'll incorporate to make the room feel like the home she makes an effort to make all the residents feel safe and loved. Daniela worked so well with Bill's doctor I always felt confident that he was in her care. The residence is clean, the food healthy and delicious. There are many facilities that anyone could complain about but this is not one of them. I have and will always give Daniela the best recommendation. She also has two grown sons and a darling little girl (Joleen) who brought such joy to all. The family and also the primary care people are always on top of everything. All of the records for their meds and medical problems are always up to date. The facility and Daniela are Rated # 1. I myself feel I've made a friend for life. My family and friends enjoyed coming to visit because she made them always feel welcome. (Judy B. El Dorado Hills, CA)
★★★★★ My mother, who suffered from increasingly severe dementia, stayed at the warm, homelike Elite Elder Care Center for five years, during which she received the finest and kindest of care. I frequently dropped in unannounced to visit my mother, and I always found her well-groomed, well-fed, with her nails polished and her hair nicely cut and styled. This kind of care was typical of the nurturing and respectful attention she received. I sometimes arrived at mealtime and was impressed by the healthful and well-balanced meals that were served. My mother had lost much of her appetite before coming to the Center, but she ate with relish, regaining some of the weight that she had previously lost. I cannot thank Daniela for her genuine kindness and compassion she showed to my mother and the other residents. I cannot recommend Elite Elder Care more highly. I was particularly impressed with the emphasis on mental stimulation and the personal, positive attention she received. The five or six other residents provided companionship for my mother and all seemed as content and positively nurtured as my mother. Unlike many larger facilities where the care is largely impersonal, this facility was like a small, intimate community. My mother formed a loving relationship with her primary caretaker, Daniela, who is highly professional and clearly dedicated to making the lives of her residents as positive and comfortable as possible. I felt very fortunate to have found this excellent care facility. (Nancy N. Folsom, CA)

After searching a number of facilities around Folsom and El Dorado Hills, we decided this would be best because of the personal care and attention each resident receives. The care provided to our mom exceeds our expectations and we couldn't be happier with the quality of life our mom is receiving. Thanks so much! (Steve C. Folsom, CA) 

My Dad lived at Elite Elder Care for the past 3 1/2 years of his life. During this time he received impeccable care. Even when my dad was difficult at times Daniela and her staff took care of my Dad with dignity, love, and respect. Before he developed Dementia, he always told us he wanted to live in a “home-like atmosphere" and Elite Elder Care fit the bill perfectly. The facility is super clean and cozy. Daniela takes care of the residents as if they were her own family. She is a kind, loving, thoughtful person. This is evident by her making the residents feel special whether there is a birthday to celebrate, holidays, special field trips, music time, etc. Even as my Dad started to decline from the late stages of Dementia, he would say he liked living there, food is great and my bed is comfortable". Again, he received impeccable care all the way until he passed away. We will always appreciate and be thankful for the care at Elite Elder Care. (Tracy B. El Dorado Hills, CA)

My son volunteered at this facility yesterday. I ended up staying as well and was impressed with their care and how nice the home was. The residents were happy and I enjoyed meeting them all....(Michelle T. El Dorado Hills, CA)

I am thankful every day that I found Elite Elder Care.  My mom passed suddenly and I was taking care of my dad at my house.  It is hard work taking care of a loved one, even one as easy as my dad.  Your life changes when you have to make all the decisions for a parent, now you are the one charged with making sure they are safe and loved and well taken care of.  It is difficult but it was even more difficult to make the decision to find my dad a residential care facility.  I knew the facility had to be as close to me as possible, he is my dad and I want him involved with the lives of my girls and see them as often as possible. I checked out several places in and around Cameron Park.  A few were crossed off my list right away, a few were just ok and I might have been able to live with them, then I met Daniela, and right away I knew that if my dad had to go into a care facility that is where I wanted him.  I am thankful every day that I found Daniela.  She is a good friend and a loving person.  Everything she does is because she cares deeply about her residents.  When you talk with her you understand how much she knows and what a loving person she is.  My dad adores her.  He is well taken care of and safe.  He does not have dementia or Alzheimer's; he needs help with his active daily living needs.  He would be the first to let me know if there was anything wrong or unpleasant.  At Elite Elder Care there is music therapy and lots of activities.  Daniela makes sure there are people visiting the residence.  She brings in Girl Scouts to and students working on community service to interact with everyone.  This is the only place I found that encourages groups and people to come and visit, making the lives of those living there better for it. There is a visiting podiatrist that comes in every 6 weeks.  She is arranging flu shots to be done and scheduled outings.  I am there several times a week.  I take my dad home to hang out with us or maybe come to my daughter's soccer game.  I visit with him at his home if I am just stopping by for a surprise visit. She always welcomes us and encourages any and all interactions.  If you are ever in the same position I was in and had to make a living choice for a parent then you can only hope you get lucky enough to put them with Daniela because I don't think there is anyone else that can compare. (Meirve D. El Dorado Hills, CA)

My mother recently passed away after living in the Elite Elder Care home for 4 + years. While there, the owner and her family went out of their way to provide a warm and loving environment for the residents.   There were regular activities provided daily to stimulate thinking and exercise. Holidays and birthdays were enjoyed by residents and they were encouraged to participate in daily activities such as field trips and games. Personal care is important and professionals came regularly to help the residents maintain their dignity.  My family and I visited regularly and always found Mom happy. It was heartwarming to know that she was treated with love and respect during her last years. We will be forever grateful to the owner and her staff at Elite Elder Care. 
(Carole J. El Dorado Hills, CA)

We have been looking for a place for my mom for 7 years.  This task seemed impossible until we visited Elite Elder Care.  The facility is spotless and the caretakers are outstanding.  My mom will be there forever.  Too bad the owner doesn't open more facilities as there are so many of us baby boomers that have aging parents. Truly this is better than we could ever (ever) hope for. (Doreen M. Rescue, CA)

I feel very comfortable offering Elite Elder Care an outstanding reference for excellence in Elder Care. Daniela cared for my Mother for the last two years of her life and had a profound effect on the enhancement of her life versus a larger facility that we had a very poor experience with. During the two years, Mom lived in Daniela's home, I and my immediate family became friends with Daniela and got to know her entire family. Leaving Mom in her care was never like leaving her with a stranger or just another healthcare employee. From day one she took a personal interest in not only Mom's condition and needs but also her interests, hobbies, and family. She always welcomed our family into her home to visit, share meals, play games, be involved in indoor and outdoor activities, and participate in field trips with all of the residents. I see several positive reviews on this site and I agree with each and every one of them! The care provided and the love that was freely given to Mom and my entire family made it a very special experience and a level of excellence that I would want for myself, should the need arise. I picked Elite Elder Care, not because of location or price, however, both were competitive in comparison to other homes that I tried and interviewed. I picked Daniela's home because she is honest, sincere, and dependable. She will not compromise the care and safety of her residents. She keeps an impeccably clean home and she makes sure her residents are well-groomed and always clean. I am very grateful that I found her when I did and given the opportunity, I would certainly use her service again. Having worked 33 years in the fire service and running literally thousands of medical aid calls to elderly care homes both institutional and residential, I have a pretty good idea of how these types of facilities measure up. I also spent a good deal of that my career inspecting these facilities as part of their licensing/permit process. Elite Elder Care is absolutely a top-notch home and Daniela is about as close as anyone will ever find to one of your own family members stepping in to care for your loved one. I would be happy to meet or talk to anyone in person if you need more information. Ask Daniela for my number. We still stay in touch three years after Mom's natural passing. Sincerely, Rob Connelly, Shingle Springs, CA

I have worked at Elite Elder Care for approximately 2 ½ years and I have to agree with all of the other positive reviews.  As an employee, I had a wonderful relation with Daniela, who through her love and care for other people taught me a lot just by watching her. She always had her resident’s best interest as a priority, went out of her way to make each of them and the staff comfortable in a very happy home-like environment. I have very nice memories of my time working there; The residents we were looking after felt like they were my grandparents. She made sure that I was happy and knew that my work was appreciated it. The facility was always clean, fresh healthy meals always available and the residents were engaged in activities on a day-to-day basis, making their stay a very pleasant one. (Ana R. UK - former caregiver @ Elite Elder Care) 

My mother in law resided at this facility until she died.  She loved Daniela and her staff.  Daniela was referred to us by Dr, Henry Sundermier.  He had a hospice patient at her facility and had nothing but praise for Daniela and her care of the residents.  Whenever it was someone's birthday Daniela would get takeout from their favorite restaurant and have cake.  My husband and I thought she went above and beyond the call of duty taking residents on field trips, grocery shopping, etc.   She even came to Jackie's memorial service and gave a small eulogy.  We highly recommend Elite. 
(Janice A. Seabrook, NH)

I first found out about Elite Elder Care in 2006 by searching the site, "A Place for Mom" and found that it was truly the right place for my mother. My mother-in-law is a current resident of Elite Elder Care and, before her passing, my mother was cared for by the wonderful people here.  They are personal and professional and provide the best care and ultimate respect that is deserving of the elders of our families. I cannot say enough to express my positive opinion EEC,  I can think of no better place for our moms and dads. (Patrick M. El Dorado Hills, CA)

The care and love provided to my Mother by the staff of Elite Elder Care is fantastic! My sister and I rest easy knowing that Mom is in a safe environment, well-fed, and offered stimulating activities and games. I have known the care provided by Elite Elder Care since another relative was a resident several years ago, and that is why Elite was the only choice when our Mom was no longer able to live on her own. When we drop in for visits we are welcomed by the staff. And you only need to spend a short time to realize the owner and staff care about the welfare of their residents. The owner and staff help with the medical needs of the residents, including arranging medical appointments. Elite Elder Care provides the level of care we expect and will want for ourselves. (Bryce S. San Francisco, CA)

As a gerontologist and friend of Daniela, I would highly recommend her facility. I have been coming to her facility twice a month as a music therapist for the past 2 1/2 years. Daniela is exceptional in every aspect of her work with the elderly population. I highly recommend her facility to many people daily. It is my opinion that she is the best facility in 7 counties. I see the joy of her residents and the professional way that she performs her daily activities. Her facility reflects her outstanding work. (Lynne Farrell, MS, MA, Rocklin, CA) 

At the 11th hour, I contracted to place my Mother with Elite Elder Care in El Dorado Hills, CA.   She spent just under a year there.  During that time the care she received was compassionate, comprehensive if not exhaustive. All of her day to day physical, mental, and spiritual needs were met and then some.  As I visited my mother almost daily during her time there, I witness exceptional care of just not my Mother but all of the residents there.  Care included delicious fresh food, great attention to personal care such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and hygiene.  Her needs for social and spiritual interaction with other people met with grace and concern.  I can truly say that my mother spent her last days content and comfortable and in a dignified manner surrounded by people who, in addition to her family, truly cared.  I thank God every day that I found Elite Elder Care.
It's a testament to Daniela's passion for seniors in her approach to running Elite Elder Care. If I had another family member or friend that needed care I would not hesitate to call and place them in her care.  I would recommend this facility highly for those wanting the best for their loved ones.  Sincerely, Crystal-Diane Holt (Mother: Charlotte Edith Fritz)

★★★★★I am the Account Manager at Seniorly, and I visited Elite Elder Care while I was there to take pictures and video for their Seniorly profile. I was very impressed by this community. Their residents were very engaged and smiling, and there were a lot of activities for them to do. This home was packed with games, date/time displays everywhere, and a great outdoor area with fitness equipment and shaded seating. The administrator took real pride in providing all of the things she could think of to enhance and improve the lives of her residents, and it showed

My uncle spent his last final years at this home. It is welcoming, loving and the staff and owners are the best out there. My mom loved visiting her brother there and I’m so blessed that my mom will be moving there shortly. The staff takes the residents on outings, they enjoy the fenced backyard and exercise regularly. The residents are stimulated by personal interaction and feel loved. Thank you Daniella for making a second home for my family. Steph G.

​I’m so happy to have found Elite Elder Care. It a six-person care facility located in a large home in El Dorado Hills. The home is clean, organized, and homey. All meals are homemade and of great quality. They exercise, play games, do puzzles, watch movies, have outings, and celebrate birthdays and holidays. My mother’s favorite activity was music day when they would dance to a variety of music from the ’40s and ’50s. My mother spent five years there. I visited her often and witness the excellent care that Daniela and Angela provided. I looked at over ten Senior Care Facilities between Folsom and Placerville before finding Daniela. It’s amazing the range of quality. Some places were so bad they were unfit for pets. Others though clean and organized, lacked warmth and community. Daniela and Angela were wonderful to my mother and the other residents. It’s an excellent place. Thank you so much for everything! Dennis C.


Daniela, Thank you so much for letting the students of RHCC help out at Elite Elder Care. They had a wonderful time gardening and hanging out with the seniors. We look forward to visiting again in the future! (Jen, RHCC HS Ministry Coordinator)

Daniela, You come so highly recommended by Tammy B of El Dorado County, I finally believe the finger of God was orchestrating our meeting. You proved to be exactly what mom needed and dad and I needed during difficult times. You took excellent care of mom, both physically and emotionally. Despite mom's emotional and often physical outbursts, she still loved you so much for what you were doing for her. She loved your smile from your first meeting until her passing. Than you also for all the great advice you provided to dad and me in our effort to do right by mom. You have a special gift. Thank you! Ray Sr. and Ray Jr. Rescue, CA

Dear Daniela, Just wanted to thank you for taking dad back into your home. You provide such a comfortable well managed home! I know my dad is getting the best care. God has truly blessed you with a special gift for the elderly. Thank you for being so obedient to His calling. It is also nice to be able to call you a friend and sister in the Lord! I am so thankful also to have Anna back in my life again. She has such a sweet spirit and along with you Daniela she is so compassionate. I look forward to visiting with Anna again soon. Thank you both and God Bless you with this special mercy and grace! Love, Candy G., Placerville, CA

Dear Daniela & Staff, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you give Eleanor. Thank you too for the caramels at Christmas. We are very blessed to have you in our lives. Have a Happy New Year! Much Love, Kelly & Mike J. El Dorado Hills, CA

Dear Daniela, A note to thank you yet again for taking such great care & watching over my mom. I've been gone a few days and am so grateful you caught yet another UTI early! You're the best! Thank you, Gayle, Folsom, CA

Dear Daniela, Thank you for the loving care you extended to my Jack. It gives me peace to know his last days on earth were meaningful in the warm attention and pleasant comfort you graciously provided. Love, Roberta, Cameron Park, CA

Daniela, Thank you for everything you and your family do for us. Words cannot fully express my gratitude. We are truly blessed to have a mom in your home. Rob, Sandy & Bonnie, Shingle Springs, CA 

Dear Daniela, You are such a blessing to all of us. We truly do not know what we would do without you. Love, Max, Sandy, Chris, Candy & Dave

Dear Daniela, What a yummy Christmas Gift! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! And especially thank you for the loving care you provide mother. She is happy & safe which shows the extra things you do for her. Happy New Year! Carole J. El Dorado Hills, CA

Dear Daniela, I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how my wife and I are always impressed when I visit my dad. Your facility is always clean, neat, and organized. I was able to be there while two of his meals were being prepared and both looked wonderful and healthy. He is always happy about how he is cared for. I want to thank you for your help and understanding with his medication issue, when I visited a week and a half ago he seemed to be doing very well. Once again thank you for all that you and your staff do. Chris F. Houston, TX

Daniela, My husband and I met with you the other day and were very impressed with your facility. We are aware that you have no openings at this time, but request to be put on your waiting list. We have looked at a number of facilities over the past few days and realize that you have the premier facility in El Dorado County. Please keep us in mind. Don and Linda W.

Dear Daniela, Shirley, Audrey, Max, Eileene, Gene, Gordon, and Ken, Thank you for the opportunity to spend time with you by playing games and enjoying your company. Say hello to Smokey the kitten for me! Noah, Marina Village Middle School

Hi Daniela, I want to sincerely thank you for the tour of your facility yesterday and the time that you took with my sister and me. We were both very moved by the bright and homey environment that you have created for the residents and the apparent high level of care they are provided. We knew, within minutes of being in the home and meeting you, that we would be grateful to be able to place our dad, Albert A. in such a quality home. Although we are not quite ready to make the decision to place dad, I hope that when the time comes, we will be able to align his need for care with your openings. Again, thanks so very, very much and please keep us in mind. Geri W. El Dorado Hills, CA

Dear Daniela, I realize that this note is long overdue and I apologize. I want to thank you for all you did for mom while she lived at Elite. Initially, she was hesitant to move in but you, Angella, and Smokey quickly won her over. She constantly talked about your poached eggs and how well she was cared for by Angella. She enjoyed your "music" days and the combos that performed periodically. I am glad she had the opportunity to meet and make friends with Leonard. This introduction could not have happened without your above and beyond concern and compassion. Trips for ice cream or the Zoo/Train ride also made her happy. I know mom could be difficult and rather shall we say stubborn. Your ability to navigate through these challenges speaks volumes as to the very special skills you possess in working with dementia patients. The family was very fortunate to have discovered Elite as an "in residence" option for mom. We truly appreciate how well she was loved and cared for under your direction. Please know we are in admiration of your commitment to your clients and in particular how you made Elite a true second home for our mom. You have our utmost respect and heartfelt gratitude. Meeting you was an honor. Thank you so much for all your efforts in the past 3 years. Cordially, Richard S., Sacramento, CA

Elite Elder Care is a residential care facility licensed to care for elders unable to live alone any longer, due to certain conditions such as memory loss, dementia, alzheimer's, this is a 24-hr care facility in El Dorado Hills'

Elite Elder Care, El Dorado Hills, CA